Hello. Come to the About Me page, have you? You’re not going to have the best of times here, but congratulations, you’ve found it. It’s kinda like the Donut Land Secret, behind that Ghost House, if you know what I mean. You probably don’t. Anyway.

That Is So Me! is by a fucking idiot called Dave McElfatrick who likes to talk in third-person. Dave is an over-thirty, Irish, pasty-faced gonk who squanders his time on things like writing music, painting and horror videogames when he’s not working on That Is So Me! or his other thing that you may have heard about, Cyanide & Happiness.

Dave currently resides in Texas where it’s far too fucking hot. He is easily tempted using an array of foods, and will readily accept a diet of tropical flakes or freeze-dried tubiflex worms.

Dave keeps South-American cichlid fish like a weirdo. He has inherited two cats from his wife. He is a gentle creature and would prefer it if you didn’t walk up to him really fast swinging your arms and screaming.